Experience A Wide Range Of Exclusive YAMAHA Products

In 1990, Thomsun Music House commenced the distribution of Yamaha's complete range of musical and audio products. Since then, the company has experienced substantial growth and has become a prominent player in the musical and audio products industry in India and expanded its foot prints across multiple states.

Over the years, Thomsun has been catering to the needs of musicians, bands, orchestras, educational institutions, the hospitality sector, the broadcast and radio industry, commercial high-rise towers, and various other projects/events requiring music and audio-related products and solutions.

Currently, as an international organization, Thomsun Music House takes pride in offering some of the leading brands in the industry and considers the history and usage of musical instruments in all cultures and periods while recommending them to its loyal customer base.

Thomsun Music House also distributes and promotes other well-known brands associated with musical instruments and audio technology in the region. The company's distribution network includes a wide range of showrooms, shop-in-shops, an extensive dealer network, and a team with technical and marketing expertise that caters to key segments of the Global market.

Thomsun Music House showrooms and offices are conveniently located throughout the region, providing easy access to a broad range of products and brands.


Inspiring creativity and building a vibrant music community with the embracing technology and innovation


  • Providing high-quality musical instruments and musical equipment’s
  • Offering exceptional customer service
  • Providing music education resources
  • Promoting local music culture